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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides distributing magnetic material, what else can Jasdi do for me?

How do I set up my document layout with bleeds for die-cut?

What is the proper way to apply my printed paper to a magnet?

How do I check if my printer is magnetic paper friendly?

What thicknesses of magnets does Jasdi carry? What's the difference?

What is the proper way to maintain a vehicle magnet to make sure both my vehicle and magnet are not damaged?

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Q: Besides distributing magnetic material, what else can Jasdi do for me?

A: Here at Jasdi, we love to be able to help you out with more than just providing you with magnetic material. Here are just a few things we regularly do for our customers:

Custom Roll Cutting

We have the capability of cutting rolls of magnetic material into sheet sizes for easier handling and printing. Our rolls are 24" wide (for the most part) and we can cut to 24" wide by however many inches or feet you require for your project. We also cut to 12" width sheets by whatever length you require.

Die Cutting

We currently have two die-cutting machines in service! Our table top die cutting machine has been servicing your requirements for business cards and a multitude of other custom shapes for the past 11 years. This machine handles 8.5"x11" sheet size and is used for all small quantity projects. This past year we have purchased a new clam die cutting machine. We now are able to use 12"x18" sheets and die cut whatever shape you require with top notch accuracy.


Our cold laminating machine has been a quick and reliable solution for customers who need us to laminate the finished magnet products we produce! This not only creates a professional looking finish, but also protects any artwork we put on the magnets!


Just to make everything square and in case you don't have time or the capabilities to produce the product, we can print for you as well! Though Jasdi Magnetics does not have a printing machine ourselves, we have great resources that allow us to guarantee a low price for great quality printing. After all, quality magnets should come with quality print!


Q: How do I set up my document layout with bleeds for die-cut?

A: Jasdi Magnetics will supply you with our die layouts if you require us to do die-cutting for you. That way, you can lay out your artwork to adhere do our die setup so we can properly cut your magnets! Here are some guidelines to follow in orde to ensure that the finished layout will be ready for print as soon as you send it to us!

  • When creating your layout, make sure our die outline is not visible above your art. They are only there to guide you, not to show up on print

  • Ensure all registration marks/cut lines are visible. We use those to line up our dies when we do our cutting.

  • If your artwork has a colour or image you would like to extend to the very edges of our finished magnets, please make sure you leave about 1/8'' bleed outside the die-line. There is no way to be 100% precise when cutting, so the bleed will ensure that no edges are left white!

  • It is not recommended to include a border unless the border is well away from the edge of the magnet. The reason being is while die cutting, as mentioned above, there could be a slight movement and if there is a border the margins might turn out uneven.

  • If you have text, pleaase make sure that the text is converted to 'outlines' or 'curves' in your graphic software! There is no guarantee Jasdi will have the font that you are using.

  • If you are printing your own artwork for Jasdi to die-cut, please always show us your layout before you print. That way we can insure that the layout fits our die!

If you follow these simple guidelines, your project will go very smoothly! Jasdi Magnetics is always here to answer your questions and help you through the process.


Q: What is the proper way to apply my printed paper to a magnet?

A: Even though Jasdi Magnetics will happily apply your artwork on our magnets for you, it is not hard at all. If you choose to, you can always apply your own artwork to our magnets yourselves. To make sure the best possible result, here are some helpful guidelines for you:

  • Use an exacto knife and remove a small strip, about 1 inch, of the protective sheet on one end of the magnetic sheet, exposing the adhesive.

  • Line up your printed paper with the unexposed end of the magnetic sheet.

  • When aligned, lay paper flat onto the exposed adhesive. This should stick the paper and magnet together on the exposed end.

  • Lift the paper off of the magnet so that only the exposed sticky magnet is touching the paper.

  • Starting from the top, where the paper and magnet are already stuck together, smooth the paper down.
    **If you cover a ruler with a sheet of non-textured paper and use this to smooth the media sheet onto the adhesive it works very well and should prevent creasing, bubbling or scratches on the printed surface

  • Always keep in mind that this is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive; which means you must press firmly in order for the paper to adhere to the magnet properly.

Your artwork should now be firmly attached to our magnet and is ready for die-cutting, cutting...or maybe it's perfect the way it is!


Q: How do I check if my printer is Magnetic Paper friendly?

A: To make it more efficient for our customers who don't want to bother with affixing paper onto magnets, we offer a product we call Magnetic Paper. These are very thin magenetic sheets (0.014'') that carry a paper layer on top that is ready for print! Although they are intended to work with printers, there are still some precautions you should take before feeding these sheets to your printers. Jasdi is here to help make sure your printer and our Magnetic Paper is compatible!

How to test your Digital Machine to make sure the Magnetic Paper will work well:

  • Open your machine exposing the entire pass through where the magnetic paper will touch.

  • Using our business card which is magnetic or other thin flexible magnetic material touch all over where the paper passes through your machine. This means ANYTHING the paper would touch in the machine as it is being printed on.

  • If the magnet does not stick anywhere on the pass through then your machine should be able to handle the magnetic paper with no problems!

  • If the magnet does tend to stick on areas where the paper will pass through your machine, then we do not suggest using our Magnetic Paper for printing. Don't be sad though, we have tons of other options available for you so just Contact Us!

Guidelines for Insuring Printer Safety and Smooth Operations:

  • Your printing machine must be able to handle 0.014+" thickness. Please check your manual.

  • Dismantle your finishing unit before running the Magnetic Paper through your machine. There are too many metal components in the finishing unit and the magnetic sheet will stick and could cause some major problems.

  • You must use your by-pass tray. Slip sheet a stack of magnetic paper with a sheet of card stock. You can remove the card stock once a sheet of magnetic paper has past through or you can program your machine to print one – skip one. This will go fast and smoothly if handled properly.

**Do not place a stack of magnetic paper in your automatic feed tray – since this is magnetic material it will stick together and jam your automatic feeder unit.

**Take your out-put tray off and place a box on the floor to allow the magnetic paper to slip down into the box after it has been printed or have someone stand there to collect the printed sheets. This prevents any sticking which can occur as each sheet passes through the machine and tries to stack at the end in the output tray.


Q: What thicknesses of magnets does Jasdi carry? What's the difference?

A: At Jasdi Magnetics, we offer a very wide variety of magnet thicknesses to suit everyone's needs. Whether you are just looking for a cheap solution for a fridge magnet or a heavy duty magnet for shelving, we'll have it!

Some of our available thicknesses and what they are usually used for:

  • 0.012" - will hold itself to the fridge but nothing else
    Usually used for fridge magnets like calendars and business cards.

  • 0.014" - "Magnetic Paper" will hold itself and typical shopping list (1 sheet)
    Usually used for fridge magnets like calendars and business cards
  • 0.015" - will hold itself plus 1 - 2 pieces of paper
    Usually used for fridge magnets like calendars and business cards.

  • 0.020" - will hold itself plus 1 - 4 pieces of paper
    Usually used for fridge magnets like calendars, business cards and signage.

  • 0.030" - will hold itself plus a lot more
    Usually used for heavy-duty applications like vehicle signage and wearhouse labels.

As you might see with this pattern that the thicker the magnet, the stronger they are. We carry up to 0.080'' thickness as well as some permanent magnets (ceramic and neodynium).


Q: What is the proper way to maintain a vehicle magnet to make sure both my vehicle and magnet are not damaged?

A: For magnetic vehicle/outdoor signs, due to weathering and other uncontrollable variables, we cannot guarantee your magnet will be undamaged. Here are some instructions on how to make sure your vehicle and our magnets are not damaged:

  • The magnetic sheet and metal surface should both be clean and dry when applying to the vehicle. During rainy weather, moisture will become trapped between the magnet and metal surface. To prevent any sticking, be sure to remove and dry both surfaces thoroughly at the end of the day.

  • In any outdoor application, such as vehicle signs, the metal surface should be waxed at least 2 days before applying the magnet to surface. That way the wax has time to cure and the surface optimal for our magnets.

  • Some moisture and dirt will collect between the magnet and metal surface after some time. To keep everything clean so the magnet can adhere properly to the vehicle every use, remove and clean both the magnet and surface with mild detergent and allow both to dry regularly. For vehicle signs it is recommended that you repeat the cleaning process weekly.
    **For new vehicles, we reccomend you to repeat the cleaning process daily. This is to protect the new clear/base coat and vinyl surfaces present on new vehicles.
    *** We do not recommend applying magnetic signs to repainted surfaces.

  • Weather and atmospheric conditions may also cause the magnet to be stuck on the vehicle when it is exposed for long periods of time. This makes it very hard to remove from the vehicle and may damage your vehicle and the magnet in the process. We strongly recommend daily removal to prevent this from happening.

  • If you apply the sign and it isn’t exactly where you would like it, you must remove the entire sign and re-apply so that you do not scratch the surface by trying to slide it into position.

Failure to follow these instructions and tips may cause damage to the magnetic material and/or surface to which it is applied. Jasdi Magnetics will not be held liable for any damage caused by abuse, misuse, or failure to follow the enclosed tips and instructions.


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