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Flexible Magnets

At Jasdi Magnetics, while we mainly provide printers, bindery shops and even designers with magnetic material for their projects, we have the knowledge and capability to handle a job for you from the print to finished product.

Whether it's because the job is too large or you simply are so swamped you fear you might need a helping hand, we are here to provide our many production services!

Just Contact Us with details about your job and we will give you a quote as soon as possible.


Custom Roll Cutting

If a full 100', 50' or 25' roll is too much for what you need, we can custom cut to whatever size fits you. Prices would be charged per linear foot.

We can also custom cut sheet sizes to fit your needs if your desired sheet size is not available by default! Please Contact Us for a quote for your desired size.

Die Cutting

A popular request for customers who need us to die-cut to finished size for their magnets. Jasdi has many various shapes for dies already available.

Contact Us to inquire about die-shapes that may work for your project or for a new custom shape.





Our cold laminating machine can laminate up to 12" wide sheets.

Affixing While it is easy to affix your printed sheets onto our magnets yourself, we are very practiced and are more than willing to affix yours or our printed sheets onto the flxible magnets for you!


While Jasdi Magnetics does not have a printing press, we have great resources and relationships with local printers that allow us to provide the print job for you at a great price with great results.

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